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Log Cabin Kits A Waste of Money?

Thursday, February 25th, 2010
Log Cabin Kit

Are Log Home Kits a Waste?

One of the first questions I almost always get asked about our log cabin project is which kit did you choose?  This question usually comes from someone who has looked into building a log home at one point and been exposed to all the “kit marketing”.  The follow up question, after I tell them that I only bought logs, is do you know how to cut the logs and do all that stuff?  The really amazing part about all of this is that a majority of log cabin kits on the market have to be cut on-site.  You won’t read that on too many log home sales brochures or plans.  What you may see is something like “random length logs”.  This means the log company will send you enough linear feet of logs so you or your builder can make them resemble the log home plan you’ve been carrying around at lunch.  Is that really a kit?  Maybe, but more likely not. (more…)


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