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Two Bedroom Design

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

After we decided that we wanted to move forward with building a rental cabin, we next needed to decide what we wanted to offer in the cabin. Did we want to go with a strictly rustic, straight out of Little House on the Prairie log cabin, or something more updated? We thought about what we would like in a vacation cabin, and drew from experiences we have had on past vacations. We also had to factor in what size cabin we wanted, and still smarting from our recently-assessed home, we also factored in what taxes were going to cost us on this new cabin.

All of these ideas came together rather quickly, and we decided that we liked a 2-bedroom cabin for various privacy issues. Remembering that “everybody needs a little time away”, it is always nice whether various friends are on the trip, or if you are coming with your family or even extended families really benefit from having at least 2 bedrooms to separate everyone into. To go with the cabin theme, we determined that a log cabin design often lends itself well to a loft area. And we implemented the open-floor plan that so many people enjoy in more modern home designs.

Cabin Foor Plan


Log Cabin Floor Plan and 3D Model

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Things are finally starting to get back to normal around here after the big ice storm.  However, Mother Nature was not done with us yet. Yesterday we experienced 20-50 MPH winds that finished off anything the ice storm weakened. I had really underestimated the amount of damage to all the trees. While headed to the barn this evening I was hard pressed to find a tree that was completely intact. I have a feeling the family is going to be roasting more than our fair share of marshmallows this spring, trying to get everything cleaned up.

Now that keeping my family warm and safe is not an immediate need, I can get back to working on the cabin. During the downtime caused by the weather, I took the opportunity to sketch out the floor plan for the cabin. The wife and I, for the most part, have always agreed on a floor plan. Sure there have been some minor changes, but only trying to cut cost or use a certain material in the construction more efficiently. In the end we always come back around to a 24’ x 36’ foot print.

Outside 3D View of Log Cabin

Outside 3D View of Log Cabin

Since the main focus of the cabin is for the daily rental market, making it appealing to visitors is priority one. We feel an open and spacious floor plan that gave us enough area in the great room to hold a couch, sitting chairs, fireplace and a full size pool table would be pretty appealing. Below is a picture of the main floor (more…)


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