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So Did You Ever Finish?

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

I must apologize!  Time and life just seems to get away from us and much has happened since my wife and I started this project.   We have completed this cabin and started another!  We also purchased an existing cabin rental business too!  We have learned much over the past couple of years and are thinking about sharing, but finding time seems impossible.  Running a business and trying to raise 3 kids has been a challenge, but we are having a blast!

Living Room of Log Cabin

Living Room










Selecting A Log Supplier! What to look for?

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Three different logs - Two different suppliers

Different suppliers

Choosing a log suppler is probably one of the most important decisions to be made when building a log cabin.   And in a strange way, I was lucky to read some really terrible stories early on about purchasing log packages that scared me to death!  The realization that it’s possible to end up with nothing and be out a ton of cash is down right sobering.  I don’t want to spend too much time talking about the indicators I use when trying to decide if a business is reputable or not, but more time spent discussing how to find the best value when it comes to log suppliers.   Since my cabin and 80% of log cabins being built these days use milled logs, I will focus on them. (more…)

Drainage Tile For a Slab Foundation?

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
DIY House Basement and Forms

Basement and Forms

Now that the block is done I could start getting the concrete slab ready to pour.  I still needed to rough in the plumbing and fill the slab with gravel which will take some time, but I began to wonder about drainage tile.   When building the basement for our home six years ago, we went out of our way to ensure water stays out. But what about on a slab foundation?  After some research on the subject, I came to the conclusion it would be cheap insurance considering water and wood don’t mix well and I am building a log cabin.

Drain tile has a pretty straight forward goal of trying to keep ground water away from the building.  It is nothing more than a pipe (usually 4″ diameter) that has holes or slots cut into it that gets buried around and below the grade of the slab.   (more…)

Oh No! Worst timing!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
Bent Hydraulic Cylinders

Bent Hydraulic Cylinders

A couple of days ago while doing some back grading with my tractor I managed to bend two hydraulic cylinders on the front-end loader. I heard a loud pop and knew something was wrong but really did not notice a problem until I tried to go back to work and the bucket would not go down! Oh No!

How could this happen? In two days a semi will be showing up with our log package! How are we going to move things around? This could not have happened at a worst time. After I got over the shock of the damage, I settled down a bit and phoned the dealer to get replacement parts. To my surprise, each cylinder was $650 plus shipping and it would take several weeks to get here! Not good.


Ice Storm, Log Supplier & The Building Site

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

I am not sure how it happens, but time sure does fly by. If you would of asked me last month where we would be on this project by now, I would have said the footings would be in and a log package on order. But instead, the building site is covered in ice and we still have not decided on a log supplier.

Log Cabin Building Site After Ice Storm

Log Cabin Building Site After Ice Storm

Log Supplier

I can handle the set backs with the weather, it’s finding a log supplier that has me the most concerned. Most suppliers need a minimum of six weeks to supply logs and others need up to three months! This is only one of many dilemmas when searching for a log supplier. Some of the other concerns are the species of logs, shape of logs, and of course cost. All of these just add to the chaos of selecting a supplier not to mention all the conflicting “sales” information found on the internet. I want to hold off on talking about this too much and will save the topic for another discussion, but I have a feeling this is one of the most important choices we will make on this project.

Building Site

Considering the mandatory downtime, I figured this would be a good chance to talk a little about the building site.

The site sits on a ridge just north of a four acre pond that was installed two years ago. I would like to back the cabin up to the edge of the ridge and put the deck over the other side.   (more…)


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