Ice Storm, Log Supplier & The Building Site

February 2nd, 2009 by Doug

I am not sure how it happens, but time sure does fly by. If you would of asked me last month where we would be on this project by now, I would have said the footings would be in and a log package on order. But instead, the building site is covered in ice and we still have not decided on a log supplier.

Log Cabin Building Site After Ice Storm

Log Cabin Building Site After Ice Storm

Log Supplier

I can handle the set backs with the weather, it’s finding a log supplier that has me the most concerned. Most suppliers need a minimum of six weeks to supply logs and others need up to three months! This is only one of many dilemmas when searching for a log supplier. Some of the other concerns are the species of logs, shape of logs, and of course cost. All of these just add to the chaos of selecting a supplier not to mention all the conflicting “sales” information found on the internet. I want to hold off on talking about this too much and will save the topic for another discussion, but I have a feeling this is one of the most important choices we will make on this project.

Building Site

Considering the mandatory downtime, I figured this would be a good chance to talk a little about the building site.

The site sits on a ridge just north of a four acre pond that was installed two years ago. I would like to back the cabin up to the edge of the ridge and put the deck over the other side.  The deck would actually be built over a service road leading down to the pond that was used by dozers when it was installed. This would give visitors a year around view of the pond and also the valley below. In my opinion it would be a perfect place to watch wildlife and sit in a hot tub with the wife 🙂

Construction problems

One of the problems with this site is the grade. Even though we added some dirt to the ridge when the pond was installed, there is almost a 4′ difference between the front and the back of where the cabin will sit. This makes my life a little more difficult as more block for the foundation will need to be set and erosion becomes a concern. The other option is to move the cabin up in the field more where it may sit a little more level but then we take the chance of ruining the view of the pond. As it stands right now, I am going to try and keep the view down into the valley and the pond.

Aerial Shot of the Cabin Site

Aerial Shot of the Cabin Site

Another concern is the trees that will be surrounding the cabin. I learned the hard way that trees close to buildings are not a good thing. About four years ago, I had to climb on an ice covered roof of a property we owned and cut an 8″ diameter limb out of the roof. Nothing says danger like running a chainsaw on an ice covered roof! I learned my lesson that winter and promised any property I owned would not have trees close to any structure. While that sounds like a good idea, log cabins and trees go hand in hand! There is no way I can cut all the trees back from the cabin. I am going to have to find a happy medium and only take out weak trees and trim up the others before I get too far along in the process. I think this would be something good to get done while waiting for the log package to be delivered.

3 Responses to “Ice Storm, Log Supplier & The Building Site”

  1. Lee Says:

    The 4′ difference could be an advatage if you dig and like you mentioned put a deck in place. Hot tubs are great but require a power source have you considered were your utilities are to come from. I’m sure this has been considered just not mentioned.

    – Lee

  2. Dick Laxton Says:

    The kitchen area should be located away from the bathroom .There have been many embarassing episodes I am sure with odors and sound effects.I am not joking on this ,,,,,,,,,,,something to give some thought to.I know it would take some rework of your plan and is probably to late to correct in your 1st Cabin,however future facilities should be corrected IMO.
    Good idea renting cabins.


    good luck on this venture

  3. Georgia Says:

    We are planning cabin rentals on our property in southetn ohio. I was wondering how you went about getting it started, such as did you have to get your property rezoned as commercial. We do have a business licenses already. The electric company says we will be considered commercial to them. We have no utilities at this time and are just trying to figure this all out. Your help would be much appreciated.