Log Cabin Floor Plan and 3D Model

February 13th, 2009 by Doug

Things are finally starting to get back to normal around here after the big ice storm.  However, Mother Nature was not done with us yet. Yesterday we experienced 20-50 MPH winds that finished off anything the ice storm weakened. I had really underestimated the amount of damage to all the trees. While headed to the barn this evening I was hard pressed to find a tree that was completely intact. I have a feeling the family is going to be roasting more than our fair share of marshmallows this spring, trying to get everything cleaned up.

Now that keeping my family warm and safe is not an immediate need, I can get back to working on the cabin. During the downtime caused by the weather, I took the opportunity to sketch out the floor plan for the cabin. The wife and I, for the most part, have always agreed on a floor plan. Sure there have been some minor changes, but only trying to cut cost or use a certain material in the construction more efficiently. In the end we always come back around to a 24’ x 36’ foot print.

Outside 3D View of Log Cabin

Outside 3D View of Log Cabin

Since the main focus of the cabin is for the daily rental market, making it appealing to visitors is priority one. We feel an open and spacious floor plan that gave us enough area in the great room to hold a couch, sitting chairs, fireplace and a full size pool table would be pretty appealing. Below is a picture of the main floor layout without the decks attached so I could get it to fit on the page (download full PDF here). The roof will be a pretty steep pitch and allow an additional bedroom to be constructed in the loft.

Floor plan for the first floor

Floor plan for the first floor

A good portion of my day job has me working on computers, so it was no surprise to my wife that I found a great little program that would allow me to not only draw the floor plans, but also put together a quick 3-D model of how the cabin would look when done. With a quick search of the internet, I came across a product called Punch! Home Design. After only a couple of hour sessions working with the software, I produced the images you see here. The software is very intuitive and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of building a log cabin or a house.

3D view inside the cabin

3D view inside the cabin

If all goes well this weekend, I am hoping to get the foundation laid out and ready to begin digging, once the ground dries a little more. We are also close to deciding on a log supplier and will post an update once one has been selected. To keep our momentum going, the wife and I will be attending the Log and Home Show in Nashville on the 28th of this month.  We are looking forward to gathering more ideas and seeing what’s new in the industry.

4 Responses to “Log Cabin Floor Plan and 3D Model”

  1. jboyer Says:

    My husband and I are thinking of beginning a cabin rental business in the years to come. We are merely at the dreaming stage. I appreciate you sharing the process with us. Lokard Desmock is simply a rude person. Are final photos available? I don’t see a link.

  2. Holly & James Says:

    First I would like to second that Lokard Desmock is a jerk and my husband and I (as we are beginning to turn our dream into reality)really enjoy and appreciate you sharing your experiences!! Thank you for all the information and we are glad one rotten egg and his rude comments doesnt stop you from sharing with us all!! Best of luck and thanks again!

  3. Noel Keith Says:

    Hi, my name is Noel. I came across your 24’x36′ cabin on line. I am in the planning stage of building our cabin, which is the exact same size (but on a basement foundation). The open concept layout is basically the same layout we have been considering as well as t&g interior walls and ceiling. I am trying to come up with a ball park finished budget. Do know approximately what the finished cabin cost you per square foot? (or total cost. I can do the math….:) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  4. Kelly702 Says:

    Hi I really have enjoyed your insight into what works and doesn’t not sure if you will get this seeing your post was a couple years ago but I live in las Vegas and my grandfather left me about an acre of land right next to Brianhead ski resort in Brianhead/cedar City Utah I’d like to build a cabin on that land it’s been my dream for years to serve as a rental / vacation home but I’m just not sure what would be the best way to go about it as I’m just a single mom with my two kids so I don’t think I can possibly build a cabin by myself.. any info would be wonderful